Your Quest For The Best E-Cig Ends Here! is on by their massive selection, incredible prices, outstanding service and support, and their excellent reputation in the ecig community. Vaporfi products help not only the new vapers, but advanced users as well.

Their ejuice selection with over 30,000 flavors! That's right, I said thirty thousand flavors of e-liquid that is high quality, crafted in the United States and are Diacetyl free. (There is Diacetyl in some ejuice. You should look it up to know what you are ordering) Their Grand Reserve line is award winning, with Catch Ya Latte being named Best in Show Coffee at Vape Summit 2015.

Vaporfi offers industry leading warranties on most hardware, with a minimum of 90 days and up to 6 months on devices such as the Vox and Rebel kits. In addition, VaporFi offers a risk free 30 Day money back guarantee.

Vaporfi has clearly posted policies on their very easy to navigate website that gives us the confidence to buy from VaporFi knowing they back what they sell and what you order you are going to get. Their reputation was earned.

The new ecig user and those that are thinking about trying ecigs or thinking about making the switch from analog cigarettes to the ecig will find tons of great information about vaping, choosing products, what an ecig is, and the plain truth about vaping. gives you a great selection to choose from with prices that beat the competition and quality that is outstanding.

Advanced ecig users will also find a great selection of products, like temp control devices, sub ohm tanks, ecig accessories, and more.

Vaporfi's ejuice selection will allow you to not only find your all day vape, but a massive selection of excellent quality e-liquid with their 30,000 flavor combinations to try out. You are bound to find more than a few great flavors to vape. I know we sure did.

Vaporfi provides programs to help you save even more with customer service and support there to help you get the most of your vaping.

Also when you Visit from here, you get an automatic 10% Discount. This on top of their already low prices. You don't have to do anything, it autmatically gives you the discount when you check out! When you can save, be sure to save. Every dollar counts these days and Vaporfi knows it.

A few of Vaporfi's products
We recently tried a few of Vaporfi's products and I've got to say, they were very impressive. Packaging is very professional, ejuice is sealed, shrink wrapped, and sealed in individual outer bags. Good strong gift boxes with everything sealed. Their Logo is impressive. I really like it. with 3,000 Flavors!

So, lets start with their ejuice. Their e-liquid crafted in the United States and are Diacetyl free. We were impressed with their quality and flavor. We tried 4 types of tobbacco flavor and we liked all four. That just does not happen. Their RY4 flavor really took me by surprise. That might have had something to do with the product we were vaping it with too. With 30,000 flavors, you are sure to find what you are looking for and some new ones on top of that. One thing I can tell you is their e-liquid is great quality, we love that it is Vaporfi E-Liquid Diacetyl free, and the flavor we got was outstanding, along with the throat hit, and vapor production. When you have been vaping as long as we have. You just know when the ejuice is great and Vaporfi's e-liquid? Yeah! it's awesome!

Next we take a look at their product called the Rebel 3. One it's a beast! It is small, powerful, feels heavy in the hand, yet, it's small enough for me to completely hide it The Rebel 3 Starter Kitin my hand. The Rebel 3 Starter Kit is stainless steel with a whopping 5.8ml tank capacity and a 3000mAh internal battery. It will last you all day easily. The Rebel 3 is quality built to last and feels like you could run it over with your car and it would be fine. The tank houses a 0.5 ohm atomizer and it vapes like a champ. You don't haveVaporfi's Rebel 3 to set it to anything. Be sure to prime the coil, fill the tank, screw it on the Rebel 3 base and vape. It vapes like a 100 watt Temp Control Device! We were stunned. It has a wide mouth drip tip on it and adjustable air flow for right to lung hits and it produces some monster vapor! What floored us was there isn't anything to adjust. 5 Click On and Off and that's it. Yet is vapes like a temp control device with a sub ohm tank! It will blink when it needs recharged.

When you pick up the Rebel 3, you know automatically that you are holding a quality device and a solid device. The starter kit comes with two coils, the tank, the battery, usb cable, manual, and even asize wall adapter. Something that companies seem to be lacking in a lot of starter kits these days. Rebel 3is engraved on the bottom, and Vaporfi is engraved on the side. It is a great looking product and as a starter kit for a new vaper or for any advanced user, you can't go wrong with the Rebel 3. The only issue we had was to make sure you prime the coil good. Let it saturate with some ejuice before you put it on the tank, fill the tank, let is sit a minute or two and then Vape On........ If you don't prime the coil good, you will get some dry hits and ruin your coil. It's also tough on the throat... LOL.... To the right gives you an idea of size. That is the Vox The Rebel 360 TC next to the Rebel 3.

Pick up the Rebel 3 Starter Kit at and when you click from here, you get an automatic 10% off and you don't have to do anything. It will automatically give you the discount when you go to check out.

Next up is the Vaporfi Vox 60 TC with the vSix Sub Ohm Tank and NI200 0.25 ohm coils. There are some rare tank and device combinations that just give you what you want in your vapor and flavor, and sometimes it takes a while to find that great combination of sub ohm tank and device. I can now honestly say, the combination of the Vox 60 TC and the vSix sub ohm tank is a winner. The combination gives you all the power you want, fantastic vapor production, but most of all, great flavor! Outstanding Flavor!

Vaporfi's Vox 60 TCWhen you pick up the Vaporfi Vox 60 TC, you know right away that it's a beast. It too, is heavy in the hand and solidly built. You feel like you can play The Vox 60 TC from baseball with it and it will vape just fine. Yet, it is very small with a 2600 mAh internal battery, so it will last all day and 60 watts of power. The case is zinc alloy with a floating silver plated brass center pin that automatically adjusts to the coil you put in. It has a very nice and readable OLED screen with all the safety features built in and this small hand held device is a Vapor Machine!

The vSix sub ohm tank combined with a NI200 0.25 coil or atomizer is the perfect tank for this device. Top fill with leak protection and open and close adjustment while filling, adjustable air flow, and a very nice window to see your juice level with a perfect drip tip. The logo on the side makes this a very cool looking tank that vapes like you won't believe.

To me there are only a couple of tanks out there that do what I want them to do and will bring out the best flavor in my ejuice. Well, you can add one more because the vSix from does exactly that. Combined with the Vox 60 TC device and the NI200 coil, you get that great combination of productsvapor production, throat hit, and spectacular flavor. Not only that, you get a small sized powerhouse device that will do everything you want, that is built solid with excellent quality, lasts all day and you are set!

I challenge you to prove me wrong. This has now become one of my favorite devices that I vape with and use everyday. Vaporfi's ejuice tastes fantastic with this combination.

You can buy this in a starter kit and choose your tank or you can buy it by itself. It is worth every penny. Mainly because it is built so solid. It really does feel like there is no way, you could break this. Both the Vox 60 TC and the Rebel 3 are quality devices. You probably don't want to run over them with your car, but when you pick one of them up, you sure feel like testing that theory because they are built so solid.

When you want the best, and a product you know is going to last you a very long time, you are willing to pay for it. With Vaporfi's policies, guarantees, warranties, and their solid reputation, you don't have to worry that you are throwing your money away. They back what they sell and we have them ranked Number One for a reason. Something they have strived and worked hard at to get where they are. Some of Vaporfi's Starter Kits has a great reputation in the ecig community and for good reason.They also are a great place for brand new ecig users to start with. They have agreat selection of starter kits that new folks making the switch to the ecig willlove, along with a lot of good information that is very helpful. climbed into the number one spot with their great policies, products, helping newbies, their reputation, and products like the Vox that advanced users will love. While selection and prices make them a top site too.'s continuing help for beginners and their massive e-liquid selection and quality of ejuice, put them over the top to the Number #1 Spot on

Vaporfi.comYou don't have to take our word, click the banner and visit today and see for yourself if we aren't right. We think you will not only agree with us, you will be singing VaporFi's praises right along with us. (PS: Don't forget, you get an automatic 10% off, at checkout!)

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