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Top 5 Ecig SticksTop 5 Ecig Stick

This is the Top Five (5) Ranked Ecig Sticks

We list our 5 best ecig sticks (ecigs that look like a real analog cigarette) for those that want the same look, feel, and taste like a real cigarette. Usually new folks that are thinking about making the switch and trying the ecig usually want an ecig that looks like a real cigarette.

Innokin - Leading the industry in Innovation and quality!


The Number One Ranked Ecig Stick

Divider - Ranked #1

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V2 is always on top or near the top for a reason. (See Full Review) V2's Ultimate Kit is one of the best kits you can get to take the e-cig plunge. You get everything you need and then some to make the switch completely. V2's shorty will blow you away with the vapor it produces, not to mention the throat hit, smoothness, taste, ease of use, two piece design, colors, convenience, and value for the kit. (See The Video) If your looking to make the switch, you can't go wrong with V2. They have added so many new products and they just keep getting better. Excellent customer service from a top notch organization. Ranked #1 for a reason! If you are new and want to try an ecig that looks just like a real smoke, feels like one, and vapes like one. The V2 Shorty is it! You won't look back again. I switched on V2 and went from over 7000 chemicals in a real smoke to 3 in a ecig. Water, Flavor, and Nicotine if you want Nic. Start high and then go down to zero nic and you are done.(Click here to get a discount)


Ranked # 2 of the Top 5 Ecig Sticks


ePuffer Ranked #5

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ePuffer continues to grow, develop new products, technology, and improve, and improve, and inprove. Their starter kits are excllent, they have a huge variety of ecig sticks, ecigs that look like the regular cigarette. Even some of their kits come in a packet that looks like a pack of smokes. They have excellent vapor production, and very good quality. You can't go wrong with them. We loved and reviewed quite a few of their products. Check out their full page review and videos.


Ranked #3 of the Top 5 Ecig Sticks



Vapor Beast Ranked #3


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VaporBeast ranks third on our Top 5 list of ecig sticks. VaporBeast carries a great selection of ecig starter kits, and all at prices that are very competitive. Well, lets face it, they are low prices. Not to mention their free shipping! That alone save you a lot of money, especially if you are just starting out, or even want to just try one. They back what they sell and their customer service is excellent, and don't forget the Discount. Vapers love VaporBeast, that's for sure. Check out their Full Page Review and Videos.


Ranked #4 of The Top 5 Ecig Sticks


GreenSmoke - Ranked #4

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Green Smoke has some very, very good flavors. Their flavors rank right up there with the best for sure. Their batteries like cigarettes are the right size and feel. They put out plenty of vapor and a decent throat hit. GreenSmoke comes in at our 4th spot and could be right there with number three. One thing for sure, you will love their flavors. Check them out and see what you think. (Click here to get a discount)


Ranked #5 of the Top 5 Ecig Sticks


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It was very hard to decide on the top 5 as Vaporfi carries an excellent variety of ecigs and starter kits. They also have in place programs and information to help new ecig users and folks just wanting to make the switch from analog cigarettes to the ecig. (Check out their full page review) Vaporfi's selection of over 30,000 Flavors of e-liquid thatis high quality, crafted in the United States and are Diacetyl free will have you coming back for more, all at prices you just won't believe. Their reputation, selection, prices, customer service, quality, ejuice, and website make Vaporfi a clear Favorite.


The Top Five are based on their top Ecig Stick Products, plus the site, reputation, customer service, price, value, reviews, safety, and the opinion of seven vapers. We have tried and researched all of our Top 5 Ranked ecig sticks. They are all great companies or they would not be on this list. You can depend on getting the right authentic product and all products they sell are backed by every company on the Top 5 list.


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